Publishing Content

FaceFX files should be published prior to use in-game to:

  • Reduce memory by deleting unnecessary information.
  • Improve performance by reducing Face Graph and animation complexity.
The Publishing process can do any combination of the following:
  • Adds the _ingame suffix to the file extension.  .facefx files become .facefx_ingame and .animset files become .animset_ingame.
  • Save in native byte-order for a target platform.
  • Remove editor-only data like color choices and face-graph node positions.
  • Remove the phoneme word-list.
  • Remove the mapping.
  • Clear all events from event templates (note that this leaves the take alone so playback works fine).
  • Bake out events into their respective curves to speed up animation playback.
  • Collapse the face graph, deleting unnecessary nodes, and baking curves.

See Also

fgcollapse command 
publish command 

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