Baking Events

Events in the template can be baked down into curves in the parent animation.  There are several reasons to do this:

  • Performance - Playing an animation is faster if there are no events.
  • Removing Uncertainty - If you like the current take of the animation and don't want it to change, baking the events will make it permanent.
  • Curve Editing -  After baking the events down into curves, the curves can be further refined in the curve editor.
  • Portability - Curves are more portable than events and can be imported into applications like Max or Maya, or even prior versions of FaceFX Studio via actor XML files.

To bake an event, simply select it in the template view of the Events Tab, and click on the "Bake To Curves" button. The following will happen:

  • The selected event(s) will be deleted from the animation.
  • The current take of the selected event(s) is baked with the high resolution baker and transformed into animation curves. 
  • The animation curves generated from the event(s) are summed into the curves of the parent animation.
  • The parent animation plays exactly the same, but the event(s) are replaced with curves.
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