Plugin Analysis


By default the FaceFX Studio plugins are phrase-locked, meaning that they can only analyze the following phrase:

"Welcome to FaceFX.   I've always wanted to say this: "Live from New York it's Saturday Night"

  • Purchasing a commercial license to the plugin will allow the plugin to analyze audio with arbitrary English text or using no text. 
  • FaceFX Studio Professional licenses will not unlock the plugin analysis feature.
    • The plugins can still be used to work with the actor and import animations created in FaceFX Studio Professional into the 3D animation package.
    • Professional users should analyze from FaceFX Studio, which supports 7 languages with text.  Plugin analysis is English only.

Generating Animations

Generating animations can be done with the following steps:
  1. Prior to generating animations, make sure that the correct path to the analysis actor is set.  By default, a default.facefx analysis actor is used.  This file is searched for inside the FaceFX directory parallel to the plugin and/or parallel to the user documents folder for the animation package (with preference given to the user documents version).  The analysis actor file is used to determine the mapping that will be used during analysis and the gesture curves that are generated by analysis.  It is also used when generating a new take.
  2. Click on the Generate button, and browse for an audio file.
  3. If a text file with the same name as the audio file (but with the .txt file extension) is found, the text file is used automatically.  If no text file is found, you can browse for a text file or press cancel to use no text.  Analysis from the plugins can use english text only.  For other languages, generate animations from FaceFx Studio Professional.  The other option is to analyze without text or with an english transcription of the audio.

New Take

  • Performing a new take regenerates the speech gesture curves specified in the analysis actor
  • By default the plugins look for the Default.facefx analysis actor in the FaceFX folder that resides in the plugin installation folder.  
  • The analysis actor file can be changed from script in Max, Maya, and XSI.  MotionBuidler does not support plugin-defined script operations and requires that the Default.facefx file be switched out manually.
  • No visible change can be seen until the animation is imported or the curves are examined.
  • A new take of the animation's Event Template is also created.  In most cases, the Event Template is empty unless events are added in FaceFX Studio.
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