Actor Menu

Menu options

  • Rename Actor - Renames the currently loaded actor.
  • Animation Manager - Displays the Animation Manager.
  • Curve Manager - Displays the Curve Manager
  • Export Template - Exports a template (*.fxt) file
  • Sync to Template - Syncs to a template (*.fxt) file
  • Mount Animation Set - Mounts an external animation set (*.animset) to the actor.  The animations do not become part of the actor.  When the actor is saved, and changes to the .animset file is also saved.
  • Unmount Animation Set - Unmounts the currently selected external animation set (*.animset).  This option is only enabled when the currently selected animation group is an external animation set.
  • Import Animation Set - Prompts the user for an external animation set to import into the actor.  The animations are copied into the actor.
  • Export Animation Set  - Removes the selected animation group from the actor and saves it as a .animset file.  This option is disabled when the selected animation group is a mounted animation set.
  • Edit Default Bone Weights - A bone weight represents the amount that FaceFX controls a particular bone.   At zero, FaceFX does not influence the bone, at 1 FaceFX has complete control.  The default value is one, but the default value can be changed here.  Bone curves can be used to change the bone weight over the course of an animation.  Customers using the FaceFX SDK will need to implement bone weights before they have any effect, but they are implemented in FaceFX Studio.
  • Change Render Asset - Change the character that is displayed. Use the filename (without extension) of a .MESH or .SCENE file that is located in the same folder as the .facefx file or in the standard Ogre paths.
  • Proof Event Takes - When you modify an animation, any events that rely on the animation via the event system need to be updated.  Animations are updated when they are selected, but if the animation is never selected it will never get updated to reflect the changes.  The Proof Event Takes option iterates through all animations in the actor (including mounted animation sets) and updates animations if they are out of date.
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