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  • New Actor - Creates a blank actor file.
  • Open Actor - Opens a .facefx file and loads it into FaceFX Studio
  • Close Actor - Closes the currently open actor.
  • Save Actor - Saves the current actor file, prompting for a file path only if the actor hasn't been saved.
  • Save Actor As - Saves the current actor file to a new
  • Publish to Game - Removes non-essential data from the actor and saves it with the .facefx_ingame file extenstion.  Publishing can also cook files to have the correct byte order.
  • Import
    • FXA Actor - Imports data from the legacy FaceFX actor file format.  FXA files contained in-game data, FXS files contained session data, including audio data.  If the audio paths stored in the FXS file are incorrect, audio will not be properly loaded into the FaceFX file.
    • FXE Animset - Imports data drom the legacy FaceFX animset file format.  FXE files contained the in-game data, and FXM files contain the session data.
    • XML Actor - Imports an XML file to the currently loaded actor.  If there are no Face Graph nodes in the currently loaded Face Graph, the XML face graph will be imported.  Otherwise the Face Graph section of the XML file is ignored.
  • Export 
    • XML - Exports the currently loaded actor in an open XML Format.
    • FBX Animation - Exports the currently selected animation as an Autodesk FBX file.
  • Recent Files - displays a list of recently opened files.
  • Exit - Quits the application.

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