Face Graph Select

The Face Graph Select Widget is used to create node groups and select nodes in the Face Graph.  Node groups are useful with complicated Face Graphs.

Top Buttons

  • Add - Creates a new Node Group.
  • Remove/Delete - If a node group is selected, this button removes nodes from selected Node Group.  If a default group is selected, like <FxBonePoseNodes> this button deletes the node in the Face Graph (notice that the icon on the button is different depending on the type of group that is selected).  The <Delete> key can performs this operation.
  • Delete - Deletes The selected node group


The Face Graph Select Widget can be:

  • Displayed on the left of the application. 
  • Torn off the application and used as a floating window.
  • Closed entirely.  Once closed, it can be displayed again from the View menu.
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