License Manager FAQ

Can I use one license on multiple machines?
Yes, but not at the same time. See sharing licenses for more information.

Can I share the license with my friends?
Yes, you can add your friends to your license pool which will let them check out your licenses. See sharing licenses for more information.

Is there a license server?
Yes, but it's not like the license servers for other animation packages. We host the license server rather than it being hosted by you.

Do I get updates with my license?
Yes, if there is a bug-fix release, you will get that for free. Also, if a new version of an animation package comes out before the next FaceFX version is released, you will get the associated plugins for free. Once the new version of FaceFX Studio is released, you will need to upgrade your license to get it and any subsequent animation package plugins.

Can I use legacy versions of the product with my license?

Do I need an internet connection to use my FaceFX license?
No. You only need an internet connection to check the license out from the license server using the FaceFX License Manager. Once the license is checked out, you do not need an internet connection.

Do I need a different license for Max, Maya, XSI, & MotionBuilder?
Yes, each animation package requires its own license.

Do I need a different license for different versions of the same animation package (Maya 2009 vs. Maya 2010)?
No.  One plugin license will work for all plugins that are released with that version of FaceFX.  Support for newer animation package versions may require updating your FaceFX license.

If I get a FaceFX Professional license, does it come with a license to the plugins?
No, but you don't need a plugin license.  Plugin Analysis is the only feature that is activated with a plugin license.  FaceFX Studio Professional users can work with the unlicensed plugins to import animations and create bone poses.  Audio analysis is done inside of FaceFX Studio Professional.

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