• As the no-save name implies, saving content is disabled in the no-save version
  • Exporting FBX, XML, animsets, templates, and other file-types from the application is disabled
  • Certain python functions for retreiving phoneme times and keys have been disabled.  As a result some python scripts like FunnelPhonemes.py will not work.
  • The FaceFX exporters in Max, Maya, XSI, and MotionBuilder can not import animations or retrieve information on animation keys.  They can be used only to import and export bone poses
  • Rendering screenshots (and thus rendering movies using the render python script) is disabled

What You Can Do

  • Get your characters talking in FaceFX Studio
  • Preview full-body Evolver sample content
  • Create your own python scripts for generating content from scratch
  • Export .FaceFX files from Max, Maya, XSI, and MotionBuilder with bone poses
  • Check out our custom Max and Maya LGPL'd Ogre Exporters (with source code)
  •  Learn how to use FaceFX Studio

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