Create New Poses Inside FaceFX Studio

Ever see your character make a face in an animation that you really like and wish you could reuse? Did you know that you can easily tell FaceFX Studio to remember how to create that pose and reuse it elsewhere? Follow these steps to learn how:

First, enter "Create Combiner" mode by selecting it from the mode choice in the main toolbar.

Now simply use the timeline to scrub to the desired frame and then click the "Load Current Frame To Sliders" button.

Click the "Create Combiner Node From Sliders" button.

Give your new node a descriptive name and click the "OK" button on the dialog that pops up.

Now you'll be presented with a dialog that shows you the properties of your new node and all of its links. You can use this to perform any final tweaks on the node before clicking the "Create" button.

After clicking the "Create" button your new node is ready to use! Scrub the timeline to get the character into a different pose, select the "<Auto Workspace>" workspace in the preview tab, then select your new node in the node selection area. Test out your new node to make sure it's doing what you expect and make any tweaks in the Face Graph editor if you need to.

You've now captured that pose with a combiner node -- simply drive that node with an animation curve in another animation to reuse it.

This is the fourth in a series of FaceFX tips that I'll be posting each Tuesday. Some of these tips will be information found in our documentation that I think might be a helpful reminder. Some will be very specific and may only apply to a few users. Have a question or comment about today's tip? Let me know on Twitter: @facialanimation