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Adding language support with espeak-ng

Adding support for a new language in FaceFX just got a lot easier.

espeak-ng is a GPL'd TTS tool that supports over 80 languages. With the help of a python script, it can output IPA pronunciations compatible with a FaceFX Dictionary.

FaceFX 2017 is released!

Find out what's new with FaceFX 2017!

The binary .facefx file format did change, so you won't be able to load FaceFX 2017 files in previous versions of FaceFX.

If you are using FaceFX with Unreal Engine 4, be sure to update to version 1.3 of the FaceFX Runtime when you upgrade to FaceFX 2017, as previous versions of the FaceFX Runtime compiler will not be able to load FaceFX 2017 files.

Visit us at GDC! Booth 533 South Hall

Come find out what we have in store for 2017. We are celebrating our 14th GDC.

License issues with Windows 10

An issue has been discovered that impacts FaceFX Studio Professional users on Windows 10. Major Windows 10 updates can invalidate the FaceFX license installed on a computer. Windows 10 updates can be installed automatically, and so the problem can occur behind the scenes even if FaceFX has not been used for a long time.

Temporarily Hiding a Workspace

Like the position and layout of your workspace but sometimes wish you had a clear view of your character while you work? FaceFX Studio has you covered.

When you have a workspace selected you can press and hold the H key on your keyboard to temporarily hide all workspace elements. The workspace continues to function correctly when temporarily hidden, and any action is accepted. You can reset the slider (right-click), set a key (middle-click), interact with the slider (left-click and drag), and you can even use the keyboard to set an exact value all while the workspace is hidden.

How to use the Quicklaunch Bar

Find yourself doing lots of repetitive actions in FaceFX Studio? Tired of typing in the same command over and over, or repeatedly typing out the command to run a particular script?

It's time to make use of the quicklaunch bar! The quicklaunch bar is located in the top right corner of the application:

Set exact key values from sliders

Another tip for "Tip Tuesday": If you want to key an exact value, select a workspace slider, use the keyboard to type the exact value you want, then hit enter.

You can select sliders without modifying the current value by right-clicking, and you use the middle mouse button to set a key.

How to Edit Mapping Visually

Here is a tip for "Tip Tuesday": If you want to update the mapping, for a visual workflow, try using "Visual Mapping" mode with "Auto Workspace" selected and say goodbye to editing spreadsheet values by hand!

Talking 3D Virtual Agents with Cereproc and FaceFX

Cereproc, a worldwide leader in realistic text to speech software solutions, has teamed up with OC3 Entertainment to provide a realistic Unity-based text-to-animation demo.

The demo allows you to communicate with a Pandorabot displayed as a 3D talking character.

Happy Holidays! FaceFX 2013.3 Released

Happy Holidays from OC3 Entertainment!

Why so happy, you ask? Because FaceFX 2013.3 has been released of course! There are some important changes, so using the latest version is strongly encouraged.

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