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You might notice that when you hit F1 from FaceFX Studio, or click on the Support->Docs link above that you are no longer taken to a different website. We have migrated the documentation to

This was done for several reasons:

1) We needed to be able to have multiple versions of the documentation for different versions of FaceFX Studio. You will notice that the links to the documentation pages have the version number embedded in them.

2) We wanted users to be able to find all relevant FaceFX information by searching in the search bar on

FaceFX in Batman: Arkham Asylum

Rocksteady Studios talks about using FaceFX in Batman: Arkham Asylum in the latest issue of CGW. Check it out here:

Bobby Kotick Talks Facial Animation

In a recent article in Barrons, Bobby Kotick, CEO of Activision Blizzard cites the importance of facial animation in the next generation of consoles. He argues that the new hardware will finally let developers achieve the realism required to create an emotional connection with the player.

Check out the article here:

Meet us at SIGGRAPH 2009

For the first time, OC3 Entertainment will be exhibiting FaceFX at SIGGRAPH 2009. We're looking forward to meeting artists, animators, content creators, and producers, and demonstrating how FaceFX is an outstanding solution for facial animation outside of its traditional role in the video game production pipeline. If you're at the show, find us at booth 3706.

More information about our SIGGRAPH presence. launches - FaceFX output option launched this week. You can generate highly realistic characters in Maya, FBX, or Collada formats. FaceFX is one of the standard output settings, which gives you access to 77 blendshapes that are great for facial animation. FaceFX ships with sample evolver content, so getting an evolver character talking is really easy. A FaceFX-compatible character is $69.

New Website

We're very excited to launch our newly-redesigned website. With the new site, we're trying to create a place on the web where FaceFX users can meet and exchange ideas on how to get the most out of FaceFX. This blog will be a place where the FaceFX devs post updates, announcements, and some tips and tricks. We hope you check back often to learn a little more about using FaceFX.

So browse around, check out the video tutorials, post your questions on the forums, and make yourselves at home!

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