FaceFX in Mafia II

2K Czech mentions using FaceFX in this article in CGW. Congrats to 2K Czech on a great game with some great characters!

FaceFX makes its debut on the BBC!

FaceFX customers Sumo Digital show off FaceFX in this BBC feature about the making of the Dr. Who adventure game. FaceFX shows up at about 5:35.

Siggraph - Booth 1016

Stop by the OC3 Entertainment booth at Siggraph 2010. We are in booth 1016. Just walk in the entrance on the far right, take an immediate right then walk up the first aisle on the left. We are about halfway down. See you at the show!

We've created a youtube channel with sample output and video tutorials. Check it out here:

FaceFX 2010 is released!

The cutting edge of facial animation technology just got a bit sharper...FaceFX 2010 is released!

Take a look around the website for more information. Specifically, be sure to check out the FaceFX Store, FaceFX 2010 Documentation, and What's new in FaceFX 2010.

Triple-A game developers aren't the only ones with access to the best facial animation technology anymore. FaceFX plugins for $199 and FaceFX Studio for $1,995 are going to get a lot of people talking!

FaceFX covered in Develop magazine

Check out the April 2010 issue of Develop magazine for some excellent coverage of the state of facial animation in games on pages 47-51, 53, 57, 62. FaceFX is frequently mentioned as the leading audio solution.

FaceFX at GDC - Booth 1441

Please stop by our booth at the show and meet the team! We are in the middle aisle all the way in the back, behind Nintendo.

FaceFX in Metro 2033

Oles Shishkovstov, CTO of 4A Games was interviewed by eurogamer. He talks about the technology behind Metro 2033 and mentions using FaceFX.

It's a good read about what is sure to be one of the best games in 2010. Congrats to 4A Games.

FacePro animation outsourcing at $5/sec

FacePro ( has recently revamped their facial animation product offering with rates as low as $5/sec. To streamline the approval process, they've created REV, an online approval tool that uses FaceFX's rendering ability. Customers log into REV to view and comment on the animations that FacePro has worked on.

Definitely worth a look for developers that want to outsource tweaking FaceFX animations.

More info below:

Sample FaceFX output

We've added sample output files in different languages so people can easily see what FaceFX is capable of.

Most of the files are untweaked, meaning there was no artist intervention after generating the animation from audio and text. In fact, there was no artist intervention at all because the 3D characters were generated from The entire process of preparing each Evolver character was scripted as a proof-of-concept for a potential server-based FaceFX product.

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