Create New Poses Inside FaceFX Studio

Ever see your character make a face in an animation that you really like and wish you could reuse? Did you know that you can easily tell FaceFX Studio to remember how to create that pose and reuse it elsewhere? Follow these steps to learn how:

Clientspec Configuration

When you first start FaceFX Studio, you might have noticed a warning message that said:

A default clientspec file has been created. Please check the warnings in the console for more information, and edit the default clientspec file. You must restart FaceFX Studio before changes to the clientspec file will take effect.

FaceFX Studio references audio by a relative path. If you're working by yourself, you probably don't need to edit the clientspec.

Animation Debugging

Have you ever been previewing your results in FaceFX Studio and find yourself wondering why that one spot just doesn't look correct? Read on to find out how FaceFX Studio can help you figure out what's wrong.

FaceFX 2012.1 is released

An update to FaceFX 2012 has been released. FaceFX 2012 plugin users can install the latest Tools and Evaluation installer to get access to the new plugins. FaceFX Studio Professional users will be notified of the free update from inside of FaceFX Studio Professional 2012 application.

New Features

  • Plugins can now save and open XML files
  • The full path to the audio file is accessible from the plugin script function: fxgetaudiopath


4 Ways to Optimize your FaceFX Analysis

Have you ever run the automated FaceFX analysis, only to get less than optimal lip sync? Here are a few simple tricks to make sure you’re getting optimal alignment every time.

FaceFX 2012 is released!

It's been a big year for facial animation. L.A. Noire brought character realism to the forefront of the industry and raised the bar for video games as a storytelling medium. But Team Bondi's new approach offered no silver bullet for most character animators. The game is built around a new technology that while impressive, is not flexible, scalable, or affordable enough to impact the industry as a whole. Facial animation is regrettably as stubborn of a problem as it ever was.

See you in Vancouver!

OC3 Entertainment will be at Siggraph 2011 in Vancouver. Booth #869. Please swing by and check out the latest developments on FaceFX 2012!

TSJ Online & Develop press

FaceFX picked up some press in the April issue of Develop magazine and the Training & Simulation Journal.

The April issue of Develop focuses on facial animation, and mentions FaceFX on page 26:

Training & Simulation Journal reporter Kristin Quinn covers the importance of facial animation technology in the military simulation space, and how OC3 Entertainment & Darwin Dimensions are addressing the need.

FaceFX at Unite and I/ITSEC

OC3 Entertainment will be attending the following trade-shows.
If you plan on attending either, please contact us to set up a meeting!

  • Unite in Montreal from November 10 - 12
  • I/ITSEC in Orlando from November 29th - December 2nd. Booth 2976

Unity integration

Please note, we have updated the unity integration files and video tutorial as of February 15, 2011

Unity developers rejoice! Getting top quality facial animations into Unity is easier then ever. Take a look at the Unity Demo featuring bones-based FaceFX animations playing inside of the Unity web player.

Also check out the video tutorial.

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