Talking 3D Virtual Agents with Cereproc and FaceFX

Cereproc, a worldwide leader in realistic text to speech software solutions, has teamed up with OC3 Entertainment to provide a realistic Unity-based text-to-animation demo.

The demo allows you to communicate with a Pandorabot displayed as a 3D talking character.

Happy Holidays! FaceFX 2013.3 Released

Happy Holidays from OC3 Entertainment!

Why so happy, you ask? Because FaceFX 2013.3 has been released of course! There are some important changes, so using the latest version is strongly encouraged.

FaceFX used in The Lost Function

Congratulations to ATLTGames on the release of The Lost Function: Episode One, a 3rd person RPG that teaches PreAlgebra.

ATLTGames uses FaceFX Studio Professional and the FaceFX XML integration with Unity to create realistic dialog sequences. According to David M Cavitt, 3D Artist at ATLT Games, "With only 5 developers/artists on this project, voice over would not have been possible without FaceFX."

FaceFX 2013.2 Released

FaceFX 2013.2 has been released! If you have FaceFX 2013, you don't have to buy anything new, just start up FaceFX and you will be notified of the release. Click "More Information" for additional instructions.

Evolver technology returns as Project Pinocchio

We have some great news to announce. The Evolver technology purchased by Autodesk has been re-released as Project Pinocchio. This is great news for FaceFX developers. Project Pinocchio has high quality characters ready to animate, and the price is right: absolutely free.

FaceFX 2013.1 Update

An update is available to FaceFX 2013. Anyone using FaceFX should be notified of the new version the next time they start the application. New customers can download the no-save evaluation, which has been updated.

A list of the issues that were resolved can be found here.

FaceFX 2013 Released - $899

We have some great news for you: FaceFX 2013 is released, and we've reduced the price to $899 per seat!

FaceFX 2013 Beta Release

We need your help!

We are putting the final touches on FaceFX 2013, but before we release, we need feedback on the new FBX workflow.

Just create an FBX file with your bones and morph targets keyed on the correct frames (specify the target names and frame numbers in a batch export text file like the one in the Samples/Src directory), then drag it onto FaceFX Studio 2013.

FaceFX outsourcing by NarraSoft

Need help with rigging, character setup, or FaceFX animation work? NarraSoft has a large staff of professional animators that can help!

FaceFX at GDC 2012 - Booth 716

Come check out what's new with FaceFX in San Francisco next week at the Game Developers Conference!

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